Tuesday, April 19, 2005



I wish I knew how to update the colors and styles on this blog... I'm sick of the blue. Or maybe I'm just jealous of Emily's new look.

Tonight we went over to Brian's dad's house for dinner. Overall, it went very well... but as always, it had its moments of absurdity. We were discussing the fact that Brian is trying to get a job for 3 weeks while we are in Cincinnati, and Michelle (Brian's stepmom) for some reason kept suggesting that he try to be a substitute teacher. "She has a friend who is a substitute teacher, and they just call up and say they are available for 2 weeks and they get work, and it pays well." No matter that Brian doesn't really have any desire or skill for teaching, or that he would have to establish himself... it was just ridiculous. They kept insinuating that we should move to Cincinnati. Yeah, so Brian can teach... whatever.

Brian neglected to ask his Dad for money. He knows he needs to, but it is difficult. I guess I can understand that. It was hard for me to ask my parents at first too... but practice makes perfect. I'm pretty good at it now. XXX Proposal

Catherine loved their fish tank... I think she could have looked at it for hours and hours.

One of the jobs called Brian for an interview... and you would think he would be happy about that... but no. He feels humiliated. Whatever.

We are going over to his Dad and Stepmom's house for dinner tonight. This does not make me a happy person...

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